ReactJS or AngularJS: Which Is Best for IoT?


Web development has continued to be enriched by the development of dynamic libraries and frameworks. One of the most robust frameworks is AngularJS, while one of the most powerful libraries is ReactJS. AngularJS is mainly maintained by Google, while ReactJS is mainly maintained by Facebook.

When asked which of the two is best to use for IoT application development, there is no perfect answer. The best way to answer this question is by comparing these two, their pros and cons, and the factors you need to consider in these two when selecting which one to use for IoT application development.

Read on to see the benefits offered by both ReactJS and AngularJS, and the factors you need to consider when selecting which one to use for IoT product development.

What Are the Benefits Offered by ReactJS in IoT Product Development?

Component Life Cycle Method

ReactJS is a component-based library, and as such, components are rendered onto virtual DOM in all applications. Components follow the same method both before and after rendering onto virtual DOM. The component life cycle method helps in making sure all components involved keep up with all data changes.

Stability of Code

ReactJS uses downward data flow and makes sure that changes made in child structures do not affect their parent structures. The data binding structure ensures the stability of code and the continuous performance of an application.

React Native for Mobile App Development

ReactJS is beneficial in mobile app development through React Native — a framework that encompasses real-time reload, modular architecture, portability, and ability to reuse components.

Separation of Concerns React

ReactJS features the separation of concerns. An alteration performed on a component does not necessarily affect the whole code. This feature allows you to understand your way within the interactions of the compound code that takes place between data and IoT sensors.

Compositional Structure

ReactJs allows you to organize your code by working on the compositional structure, instead of the inheritance-based structure.

What Are the Benefits Offered by AngularJS in IoT Product Development?

Two Way Data Binding

Data binding is the synchronization of data between view components and the model. AngularJS provides for the projection of models to application view. This allows a seamless projection that needs little effort from the developer. It creates no need for fresh cycles for the view and model, which would make them prone to bugs.

Ease of Testing

Testing is very simple in AngularJS. All JavaScript code in AngularJS undergoes a series of tests. A developer is thus able to test every component of an application without much of a problem.

Single Page Applications 

angularJS enables the development of Single Page Applications, which are increasingly becoming popular in IoT development thanks to their responsiveness. AngularJS employs distributed computing mode, which allows the single-page applications to move a lot of functionality to the web.

Dependency Injection

angularJS has a built-in dependency injection subsystem, which allows you to ask for dependencies by just adding a service as a parameter. The subsystem then detects your request and avails the service instantly. This subsystem makes the process of unit testing easy, thus allowing faster development of applications.

What Do You Need to Consider While Selecting Between ReactJS or AngularJS for IoT Application Development?

Learning Curve

AngularJS makes use of TypeScript, which is a subset of JavaScript. This makes its learning curve steeper than ReactJS, which makes use of pure JavaScript. ReactJS, however, works best with ES6 syntax, which could be challenging to learn for a beginner.

Single Page Applications

Single Page Applications are highly reactive web applications that have no page reloading wait times. In IoT application development, the Single Page Applications are very important because they do not request a server by modifying JavaScript and rendering it instantly at the click of a button. Google built AngularJS explicitly to create single-page applications. ReactJS brings complexities when creating large single-page applications due to the unavailability of packages for form support.

Multi-Page Applications

Multi-Page applications are less common in IoT application development but are still used. These are the “traditional” websites that send requests to the server every time the site wants to display data. ReactJS works fine with multi-page applications, while AngularJS is not recommended here.

Application Deployment

In IoT application development, it is very important to consider how easy it is to deploy an application. AngularJS is the most challenging framework in deployment, but the Angular CLI simplifies the process by handling all processes from project creation to code optimization for you.

Deploying ReactJS applications is also easy with the use of create-react-app, which generates new pre-configured apps that include everything needed for application development.

Final Words

Have you found yourself wondering whether to use AngularJS or ReactJS in IoT application development? Well, each of these two has its pros and cons. Choosing one of them must ultimately be based on your app development requirements and which of their properties are the most suitable for your development needs.

This article outlines the benefits of each of them and what you need to consider in IoT application development when choosing between the two.


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